For Creative People: A Complimentary Doppler Effect

God is obviously in the creative business. Here are a few quick reasons: He, well, created man. And the earth. And the entire universe. All in a brisk interval of time* He loves, LOVES, LOVES to be praised. Point number two is why I’m writing this. Creative people are a furry ball of neurosis shamelessly seeking back-pats. You […]

How to Make Love in a Time of Social Media

Life is short, and a man’s social media activity is the synopsis. The world is in a state of flux, and many changes birth further changes so that the world last week is almost totally different from this week’s, even though the physical manifestation of the shift itself might be several years down the line. It’s reminiscent […]

The Chorus Insane Project Gets Publish Date!

Dear reader, I have good great news! As you will recall, in January, we announced the Chorus Insane Anthology here, a dystopian African literature project that was met with heartwarming reception. It was surprising, because we offered no financial incentive. I was banking on writers being generally enthusiastic about the theme itself to be interested enough in writing in […]